Hey, I'm Jody.

Welcome To My "Let's Gain Your Trust" Page.

I get it. There's probably something deep inside you screaming "YES! I want to work with Jody!"

Your heart and soul knows what's up.

But...you still need more. 

In a world where trust can be hard to come by, especially in the saturated field of life coaching, I understand the skepticism.

And, can we just call out the elephant in the room right now too... I have never been in the business of "selling" my coaching to anyone.

Coaching to me is a sacred agreement between two souls, and I trust those who feel called to work with me, will be led to do so. And so I let the Divine lead the way.

Also though, let me assure you, I'm not just another "coach", I was around before coaching was actually "cool" (over a decade ago).

This is my purpose, and I continue to dedicate my life to it; with countless hours of honing my craft, living, breathing, learning, and practicing the principles, tools, and techniques that I teach. 

And should you feel called, I'm dedicated to helping you transform your life too.

In addition to the inspiring testimonials by my valued clients, which you can explore right HERE...here are a few other reasons to follow your heart and choose me...

Head to Google

Search my name "Jody Agard" on Google, and you'll find that I'm not just a newcomer. I've established a strong online presence, with several pages of content showcasing my expertise.

Best of 2023 Award

Published Author

My extensive body of written work includes nine books, with two published and both reaching bestseller status on Amazon, a testament to my commitment to empowering moms like you to manifest the life you desire.

Host of the Daily Affirmation Meditation Podcast

Host of the Daily Affirmation Meditation Podcast, brought to you by the Women’s Meditation Network, a network of 17 podcasts that provide free guided meditations for women. With over 106M Downloads, 1 MILL Monthly Listeners, 2500+ Episodes to infuse your day with calm, inspiration and connection. 

Brand Partnerships

Take a look at the reputable brands and businesses I've partnered with. It's a testament to my credibility and the value I bring to the table to provide busy women with the ultimate tools and resources for transforming their lives.

Certificate: Spiritual Counseling Intensive

I've completed a rigorous Spiritual Counseling Training Intensive program, furthering my skills and knowledge to guide you on your spiritual journey.

Reiki Level 2 Master

In addition to my extensive background in coaching, I've also achieved mastery in Reiki Level 2, further enhancing my ability to guide you towards inner peace and transformation as you create the life you've always dreamed of. 

Companies I work with

These are just a few of the partnerships I've worked with.

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